Creative Article Writer – 5 Tips For Hiring A Good Creative Writer
Creative Article Writer – 5 Tips For Hiring A Good Creative Writer
This article offers five practical suggestions for hiring a skilled creative writer for print and web publications that need quality content on a regular basis. If you are an editor or publisher looking to hire a skilled creative writer, follow these methods to locate the top piece writer to your newspaper! Editor or Publisher of creative writing magazine, journal blog or website, the requirement for a good creative writer to contribute original, well-researched and evergreen content is always a requirement. However, if you want much more than content writing services or new SEO content that will increase your the number of visitors and readers and increase traffic to your website, you should review your strategy of searching for writers who are creative, especially when you've failed to find a committed crew of article writers so far. Good writers are the kind who are able to expand their muscles, are open to breaking out of their comfort zones, and are open to new writing challenges - three main aspects of publishing success. Visit>>> Video Production Company Bollywood News prolotherapy near me It isn't easy to experiment with new ideas and most creative writers are the shy kind, which is why they prefer to use a pen (or employ a typewriter, or computer) to run their thoughts by a target audience and the only way to improve a business or a career is to risk it. Do take the time to read these 5 suggestions to hire a talented creative writer - one that can meet the 5 essentials mentioned below, which are the prerequisites for creative writing success . It's the key element to increase your publication's sales! Five essential characteristics of a Creative Writer who is Good What is the best writer you have chosen to Meet These Standards?
  1. Is the writer able to develop new article ideas if required in the initial consultation session? Is the writer is willing to give writing a shot about subjects that he has never written on before? Is the writer willing to interviews and further research should the writing project need these? If yes, move on to determine the 4 crucial qualities as your goal is to select a creative writer who will take on the initiative and responsibility in testing different writing opportunities that will increase the reach of your publication!
  2. The best method to find out if that new supplement, magazine pull-out series or current hot-topic blog that your company are planning to launch will result in more readers and subscribers, is to employ writers with portfolio videos to prove their ability to grab the attention of readers. Ask the writer for relevant clips that have bylines you can verify for high-quality purposes prior to selecting the author.
  3. Try to use the "Switch POV" method of giving the writer you choose the opportunity to write a test piece such as an "Pilot Project" to see whether or not the writer is an ideal fit to increase your value for publication. The test article you could ask your writer to 'switch POV' (Point in the View) to determine the style of writing that is most appealing to readers, which means writing an article in first or third person, and then the article is being read by a small readership, a smaller group, before applying the technique to a larger audience. For example, run the new style of writing through the readers of your Twitter, Facebook or Business Blog readers prior to changing this style to the printed version of your publication. Select the writer whose style readers can most easily connect with. Check their preferences via following reader comments, tweets, FB likes and other tools.
  4. Request the creative writer to change the standard writing style to a new one to assess a flexible style of writing. Consider, for instance, that your publication follows an internal style guide and you want to modify some of these elements, but want to establish whether the chosen writer can be creative about creating shorter or longer written pieces that are presented with less or more images You can request changes in writing style. For example, changing from visual prose to factual reporting style or adding palindromes in lieu of the standard sidebar or table-based fact-file for the main ideas of an article!
  5. A skilled writer will be able to deliver amazing articles in the most controversial, awkward, or embarrassing subjects, and maintain an authentic professional style to the content. Thus, you should provide your creative writer with an extensive range of subjects. Request him or her to compose a sample piece from each of the broad topics that might be difficult to address, such as caste-based politics, reservations for government positions, religion, incest, etc.
The conclusionEven though writers are similar to other creative professionals when it comes to falling into a habit of playing safe and accepting writing projects in their comfort zone (read area of expertise requiring the use of a specific literary style thematic, genre or theme) the most creative writer is one who is willing to develop along with your publication needs. So choose a professional that can fulfill the five essential elements listed above to be a great creative writer and watch your business flourish! Hire Deepanjolie Figg, professional freelance journalist with [] to enhance your business presence.

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