Pay Article Writers Properly and Be Rewarded With Quality Website Content
Pay Article Writers Properly and Be Rewarded With Quality Website Content
Are you frequently disappointed by the web content you buy? It's often the case that you get the value you pay for and the situation is no different when you're looking to hire article writers or engaging with a writing service. Though paying premium prices for article writing is not a guarantee you'll get the best quality however, if you decide to pay very low prices there's a good chance that something's not right. Here's why. Check out the writing websites of freelance writers and you'll find people advertising to find article authors. Their ads appear to be reasonable at first glance. You might see an overview of their expectations that may include the following:
  • Writers must be native English native English
  • Articles should be perfect in grammar
  • Each article must be unique
  • Articles must be well researched
  • Writers are not permitted to submit articles that are rewrites
  • Writers are not allowed to use article spinning software
  • Writers need to have a fast turnaround
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Fairly reasonable expectations thus far; some advertisers then add that writers who do not abide by these requirements won't be compensated. Perhaps that's fair enough too. Then you see the rate being offered. It's like $1 for a 500-word piece. A very skilled writer could write 3 articles of this length in one hour, but they'd be quite simple, as there's not a lot of time to research. There's a good chance they'll contain some typing mistakes also. A normal writer can manage two errors, again, with little time for research and proofreading. Essentially, the people hiring these writers are paying them the equivalent of $2-4 an hour. Article writing services that pay writers this amount are able to offer those articles for sale at just the cost of a few dollars. The other end of the spectrum are independent writers and a number of reliable article writing companies whose writers earn between $20 and $40 or more an hour to write the same kind of articles. Individuals and more expensive writing service are likely to charge between $20 and $100 per article. Are you going to choose low-cost articles? If you're thinking of hiring an article writing service, here are a few points to consider. Do you know anyone who could work for only two dollars and an hour? What are the places where top writers are? How do you think that those writers who are paid $1 for an article are going to ensure they are earning an amount that is reasonable? If you can do simple sums you'll already have concluded that the article writers you hire for at a small amount, you may get poor or plagiarised articles as a result. If your company's performance is higher than this and you don't believe in underpaying employees, be sure the article writers you employ are compensated appropriately. You're likely to be rewarded with high-quality, original content

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